Benefits of Stopping Smoking

What are the health benefits of stopping smoking?

The risk of getting cancer and other diseases reduces after you stop smoking, including:

  • The risk of cancers of the mouth, throat and oesphagus are halved after you have quit for five years.
  • The risk of cancer of the lung is halved after you have quit for ten years.
  • The risk of heart disease is halved after you have quite for one year, and after fifteen years the risk is almost as low as if you had never smoked.
  • The risk of a low birth weight baby is removed if you quit before you fall pregnant or during the first three months of pregnancy.
  • Lung function increases by up to 10% between three and nine months after quitting, improving your “smoker’s cough” and wheeziness.

For further information, visit ASH (Action on Smoking and Health)

Did you know?

Champix is manufactured by Pfizer, the multinational drugs firm who discovered the erectile dysfunction drug Viagra and the cholesterol lowering drug Lipitor.

Champix is known as Chantix in the US, but its generic name is varenicline.

The scientist who invented varenicline is an ex-smoker, whose father died from a smoking related illness.

86,500 deaths in England are caused by smoking related diseases every year, which is about 240 deaths per day.

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