UK Smoking Ban

UK Smoking Ban

When will it happen?
Smoking will be banned in all “enclosed” or “substantially enclosed” public places in England from July 1st, 2007. It is already banned in Scotland. The ban in Northern Ireland will start on April 30th, 2007 and the ban in Wales will start on April 2nd, 2007.

Will smoking be banned in pubs and clubs?
Yes. It will be the duty of the proprietor to clearly display no smoking signs on the premises. This applies equally to private members clubs.

What is meant by “enclosed” and “substantially enclosed”?
An “enclosed” building is one that has a roof and four walls completely enclosing it (not taking into account windows, doors and passageways).
A “substantially enclosed” building is one that has a roof and is surrounded by walls for more than half of its total perimeter (again not taking into account doors, windows and other temporary openings).
A roof is any permanent or temporary structure, eg an awning. “Enclosed premises” includes temporary buildings such as tents, gazebos and marquees if they fall within the above definitions.

Where will I still be able to smoke?
In outdoor places or in your home, or places considered “home” such as your hotel room, care home or prison. There has not yet been a ruling on smoking inside a car with passengers. Sadly, parents will still be able to smoke in front of their children at home, exposing them to all the risks of passive smoking.

What if I disobey the law ?
You could be fined £50 for smoking in a forbidden place. The person in charge of the building, eg the landlord, could be fined up to £2500 if he doesn’t stop you from smoking. There will also be an on the spot fine of £200 for not displaying a no smoking sign.

Who is responsible for enforcing the law?
Your local council enforcement office.

What will be the likely effects on businesses such as pubs, clubs and bingo halls where people tend to smoke?
The best way of answering this question is to look at what has already happened in Scotland, as the situation there is likely to be applicable to the rest of the UK.

  • Bingo clubs in Scotland have started a campaign for a tax rebate as they say that their sales have dropped by 15% since the smoking ban was introduced. Some venues have even closed. It is worth noting that 60% of UK bingo players either smoke or go with a smoker.
  • The greatest impact on pubs is likely to be on those that do not serve food where takings were marginally down in Scotland (1%) although pubs that serve food saw an increase in turnover (sales of food increased by 11%).

Did you know?

Champix is manufactured by Pfizer, the multinational drugs firm who discovered the erectile dysfunction drug Viagra and the cholesterol lowering drug Lipitor.

Champix is known as Chantix in the US, but its generic name is varenicline.

The scientist who invented varenicline is an ex-smoker, whose father died from a smoking related illness.

86,500 deaths in England are caused by smoking related diseases every year, which is about 240 deaths per day.

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